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very professional

Very impressed! Hired Supremex Detailing to do my car, but ended up hiring them to do my SUV as well since they did such a good job on the first vehicle. The mobile service is very convenient as they come and clean the vehicle right in your driveway. They were very professional and came on time. My car and my SUV looked brand new after the detailing - definitely worth every penny!

Amanda W.
August 2021
very accommodating

I want to give the utmost compliments to the guys at Supremex. I had my truck ceramic coated and the end result was fantastic. These people are professional, down to earth and very accommodating. They offer great products and take the time to educate their consumers. I would recommend them in a heartbeat l.

Josh F.
September 2021
Amazing service

Amazing service! So friendly and professional. Very detailed description of the work they will do and then they do exactly as they described. Murad worked on both my cars, full decontamination wash, paint repair, wash, polish and ceramic coating. My cars look like they are brand new again! Only regret is not doing it sooner. Great job, def recommend them and will use them again.

Jeet N.
August 2021
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Our Strategy at Supremex Detailing
We believe in a 3 step process to bring your vehicle back to life and keep it looking that way for years to come.
  • Clean
  • Protect
  • Maintain
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Bronze Package


Approx 3-4hrs
  • Compact: $160
  • Mid-size: $190
  • Large vehicles: $220
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Silver Package


Approx 4-5hrs
  • Compact: $240
  • Mid-size: $270
  • Large vehicles: $320
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Gold Package


Approx 3-4hrs
  • Compact: $300
  • Mid-size: $330
  • Large vehicles: $400
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Frequently Asked Questions
If your question isn’t listed below, please contact our Customer Service on 1-613-404-4824.

Auto detailing is an in-depth cleaning process of the entire vehicle. We have state of the art equipment and methods to remove all dirt build-ups and grime safely from all surfaces, cracks and crevices, and fabrics.

Although washing your car regularly helps to keep it clean, over time engraved dirt, invisible contaminants, and brake dust will linger on the surface of the clear coat and dull its appearance. We use a mixture of chemical and clay bar treatment to safely remove all the contaminants to bring your car back to life and make it smooth to the touch.

Paint correction is a machine polishing process in which we use a combination of compounds and pads to level the clear coat. This process helps eliminate surface scratches and swirl marks, water spots, and other surface imperfections. This process enhances the reflectivity of light on the clear coat and gives your car a like new or better appearance.

Ceramic coatings are a liquid polymer that is hand applied to the exterior of your vehicle. The coat bonds to your vehicle’s paint and creates a layer of protection over the clear coat. This process requires an in-depth paint preparation and decontamination, to help the ceramic bond to the paint. Paint correction is highly recommended before this process as it help restore your vehicles perfection before enhancing it to a better than new look with a ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings offer many benefits such as swirl resistance, increase chemical resistance, clear coat protection, long-term durability, and unparalleled gloss levels.

PPF or paint protection film is a high gloss self-healing plastic film that is applied to the panels of your choice. These patterns are cut in house using our state-of-the-art GCC plotter to ensure safety and dimensions. The film offers the ultimate protection against rock chips and scratches and has a warranty of 10 years.

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