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Ceramic Coatings

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Xpel Fusion Plus Packages

Xpel Fusion Plus Lite

$399.99 - Starting
  • 1 Year ceramic coating

Xpel Fusion Plus Paint & PPF Coating

$699.99 - Starting
  • 4 Years coating

Xpel Fusion Plus Premium

$1,099.99 - Starting
  • 8 Years Coating

Waxes and sealants are a thing of the past. Enjoy the latest in protective nanotechnology. Ceramic coatings offer amazing gloss enhancement and appearance as well as ease of maintenance, making washing your car a breeze every time.

We are Certified Xpel Fusion installers

Ceramic Coating Option Chart

    Ceramic Coating

    Other Ceramic Coating Services
    We offer a variety of other ceramic coatings. Call us for quotes today!

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    Enjoy Xpel Fusion Plus for the following applications

    Wheels & Calipers



    Plastic & Trim

    Ceramic Wash & Maintenance

    Compact: $65
    Mid-size: $80
    Large: $100
    Over-size: $120
    Add Xpel Ceramic Boost
    Starting from $79.99

    Approx 2 Hours

    A professionally done ceramic car wash will instantly bring back the ultra glossy look of your coating. Maintenance is a big part of having a coating. We recommend annual top coats to replenish the properties of your ceramic coating. Enjoy premium care for your coating with us.

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