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Car Wash

Enjoy the best car wash services in town. We guarantee the safest procedures and use the best products on the market!

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car wash

Hand wash & dry

Compact $25
Mid-size $30
Large $35

Approx 30-45 mins


Decontamination Wash & Spray Wax

Compact $65
Mid-size $80
Large $95

For those who would like to restore or exceed their car’s original finish. A combination of Carpro Iron X and clay bar treatment removes all contaminants in the clear coat. This process enhances your vehicles gloss and makes it smooth to the touch. We apply a layer of sealant that protects from environmental factors, UV rays, and oxidization for up to 6 months.

Clay Bar Treatment & Sealant

Compact: $120
Mid-size: $140
Large vehicles: $170

Approx 1-1.5 hrs

We can safely remove nasty road film, tar, water spots, and tree sap. Call us today for more information!

Upgrade your wash to a G wash

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Best products

We spent years of research to determine the best products on the market, to ensure you get a quality detail worth every dollar. Our staff are trained and equipped with all the tools necessary to tackle the hardest of jobs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

No job is complete until you’re fully satisfied. Rest assured that no job leaves without a thorough top to bottom management inspection.

Competitive pricing

At Supremex Detailing we offer you more and charge less than our competitors. Enjoy fair and competitive rates on all our services.

Ethical Business

We use green and eco friendly products whenever possible. Supremex Detailing is a proud progressive employer offering a safe working environment and ethical business practices.

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